Our Lifestyle Services

Have the freedom of a work / life balance.

Be the BOSS of your business and your life

Your business is what got you to where you are today. Through sheer perseverance and determination, you have got where you are today.

Now it’s time to build the lifestyle you have always wanted.

We have some exciting ideas of how to make your life even more chilled and relaxed.

Here are some ideas of things we can help with:


Household – bills, appliances, maintenance | Insurance – all your insurance policies in one place (house, car, health, life, art, pets, holiday etc) scheduled and renewed | Cars – sourcing and ongoing maintenance | Art – catalogue, insure and alarm if necessary | Domestic staff / contractors – help to recruit and manage | Holidays/travel – from a luxury beach holiday to a city break, all crafted to your specification | Events – organise, manage, venue, catering | Wellbeing –  helping to find the best personal trainer, kinesiologist, personal chef, dietician, masseuse (and so many other key people) and maintain your key bookings | Pets – grooming, vet visits, boarding, food supply | Presents sourcing – Christmas / birthday / Christening or just simply to say thank you | Beautician appointments – nails, waxing, hair, massage, lashes, brows, make-up, facial, botox | Private club memberships

And another 12,745 things that are important in your world!

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Let’s make something beautiful together.

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